Live Classes for UPSC (Pre) 2022

Live Classes for UPSC (Pre) 2022

Join Online Live Classes of UPSC (Pre) 2022 at a very affordable cost. Classes will be taken by the most experienced and the best tutors of India through the “Exacademy” Mobile App.

“Learn By The Best : No one can Match us”

Salient Features

  • Direct to Home (DTH) Tuition
  • Live Classes by the most experienced and the best tutors of India
  • 10 Lectures a Week via “Exacademy” Mobile App
  • Limited students in each batch
  • One to one interaction with each student
  • Specially Designed, Result Oriented, High-quality and relevant study Materials
  • Complete Capsule Notes
  • Free access to Exacademy Question bank for daily practice of MCQs
  • Previous Year Question Discussion
  • Daily Practice Problems
  • Doubt Clearing Session

For Any other query Call or  WhatsApp at +91 7389757666

For Video Lectures Subscribe “Exacademy” YouTube Channel from the link-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLPxVWdS2VBCN8YZ7Xaqnlg

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Online Live Classes for UPSC (Pre) 2022

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Important Tips for Preparation of State PSCs/UPSC

(1) Select the best mentor of General studies, Aptitude Test and your Optional subject. Now, Several experienced mentors of General studies, Aptitude Test and your Optional subject are available on line. Just subscribe one of them and start online learning.

(2) Centralize your study to the NCERT books and one or two reference books of your optional subject. Don’t follow too many books otherwise, you would not be able to complete your syllabus. Always remember, different books differ being only nineteen or twenty in text quality, but never differ of being nineteen and twenty-five. 

(3) Follow the quality notes of a good mentors. Don’t run behind the brand, but run behind the concise and effective notes of your mentor.

(4) Prepare your own capsule notes for revision.

(5) Maintain consistency and regularity in your preparation.

(6) Revise the prepared topics regularly. Always remember, revision is not a waste of time but it makes you perfect. Always keep in mind that, “Revision is division” i.e. Revision improves your marks and ultimately your rank in the final selection.

(7) Solve practice problems and previous year’s papers in the specified time frame. It would help you to finish your paper timely in the final examination.

(8) Always be confident in your preparation, but never be overconfident. Always read the question carefully and then answer. You usually make mistakes in overconfidence and it has to be reduced.